Paustakaika / Tarpan
Tarpans of Sūduva
The Wild Tarpan Horse of Sūduva

Last Wild Yotvingian Tarpan

( Equus ferus ferus )

The Yotvingian Tarpan of Sūduva has been revived,
as is the Yotvingian language of Sūduva.

According to Herodotus (approx 450 BCE) the Neuri ( Νέυροι ) were a tribe living beyond the Scythian farmers, one of the nations along the course of the river Hypanis (Bug river). The Bug river flows into the Naura (Baltic name for the Narew) river. The Naura river leads one to Galinda and Sūduva. Since trade increased recognition, the Neuri of Herodotus were probably the Galindians and Sūdovians. Herodotus also mentions the wild white horses nearby that grazed by a great lake, which scholars today suggest are the Podlesie marshes by the Bialowieza Forest. Yotvingian Tarpans from the Bialowieza Forest seasonally faded to near white in Winter. In 500 BCE, Eastern Europe climate was much cooler and wetter. There is still a town in Poland named Nur  ( 52° 40' 0" N, 22° 18' 0" E ) along the Bug River, near the Bialowieza Forest.



~ in loving memory of Jeannette DeBusk Cox ~
who loved all horses

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