the Baltic consonants š, ž, č are written out as sh, zh, ch.

mirkus carrot
mirst to forget (Inf)
miskilas plow apparatus
mirt to die (Inf)
mirtis death
mistra mixed (neut.)
mistras prince
mitene place to lodge, campground
mitint to give lodgings (Inf)
mitīt to change (Inf)
mitrūstas clever
mizt to urinate (Inf)
mizda reward
moja (it) tricks [ Sanskrit "māya", illusion ]
mojis hint, sign
moke poppy
mokinavingas teacher
mokinavis fond of teaching
mokinsna teaching, doctrine
mokint to teach (Inf)
mokīt to know (Inf)
mot to wave or trick with hand (Inf)
mote mother
mosa aunt
mozuka weasel (mustela nivalis)
mudīt to decay (Inf)
mukas swamp
mukt to come off, escape, liberated (Inf)
mulkt gulp, swallow (Inf)
mult to get dirty (Inf)
mulvas reddish
mulve mud, mire, slime
murmīt to mumble (Inf)
mūsai mould, moss
musa fly
musmire fly agaric entheogen (amanita muscaria)
mūte soap
na ! na ! There! There!
na / nō onto, against, over, after (w/ Acc. or Dat.)
nabas navel
nabeta hub sward
Nadēle Sunday
nadēlinis weekly (adj)
nadruvēsna hope, belief, wish
nadvēse sigh
nagas flint, for fire
nagas hoof, claw
nagepirstas toe
nage foot
naglanst to perceive (Inf)
nagotis kettle with legs
nagūtis nail of finger, toe, claw
naikas zero
naikaut to enter, go into (Inf)
naikint to cancel, annul (Inf)
naizīt to itch (Inf)
naktaut to lodge at night (Inf)
naktis night
nalinga reins
namai building, dwelling
naplozi rollingpin
narikīs pole-cat (mustela putorius)
narstas frog roe
narus deep ( "Narew" River )
naseilis spirit
naseilivingiskas spiritual
naskilis wheelrim-metalband
nastrai mouth
naunagimt to be born anew (Inf)
naunametan new-year
naunas new
Naura Narew river
nautis need
navais newer
navaisis newest
navait'ot to slander (Inf)
navakīt to entice
navas new
navatna peculiar, odd
navīnas new
ne / ni not, no ( <* nei )
nedeivotiskas non-spiritual, evil
nedruve unbelief, atheism
nedruvingas unbelieving
nedruvis unbelief
negi nor
neizarvis unfaithful
nekadan never
nekai than (conj)
nekankstas improper
nekataras neuter
nekvei nowhere
nekveigi nevermore
nenaudalis a good-for-nothing
nepaklūsmingas disobedient
nepret to be unfamiliar, not understand (Inf)
neteisīvingas improper
neteisingiskas dishonest
netikras wrong
nepōtis grandson
nepte grandaughter (declension like "dukte")
nerove river nymph
nerst to spawn (Inf)
anger, hostility
nertīt to be angry (Inf)
nest to carry (Inf)
nevertingas cheap, unworthy
nevinaut to be innocent (Inf)
nevinei/nevinis nine
nevintas ninth
ni / ne not, no ( < * nei )
niainas not-one
niainuntas no-one, nothing
nianterpinskas useless, in vain
niatnīstis displeasure
niatvinaut to be irreproachable (Inf)
nidakept to half-cook (Inf)
nienbilēt to keep quiet (Inf)
nīkt to disappear (Inf)
nītis thread
nītīs heddles
niturtis poor person
niurt to get murky (Inf)
nō / na onto, against, over, after (w/ Acc. or Dat.)
nognan worked leather
nokt to pursue, chase (Inf)
nōma share agreement
nose nose
noseprolī nostril
notis stinging nettle
novis dead corpse ( <CWC< hewn coffin< PIE *n
āu- dugout log.-jp)
nūmąs to/for us (
nūnai now, today
nurtuve shirt
nurt to immerse (Inf)
nūsas our' (Masc. sg. poss.)
nūsun our' (Gen. pl.)
pa / po- under, after (prep)
pa-aiskint to explain (Inf)
pa-augint to rear, raise (Inf)
pa-austint to elevate (Inf)
pabajint to punish (Inf)
pabalza mattress
pabangint to move (Inf)
pabart to censure (Inf)
pabēgt to flee (Inf)
paberze fly agaric entheogen (amanita muscaria)
pabraizīt to scribble (Inf)
pabrandinsnā burden
pabrandint to mature, ripen (Inf)
pabrēzt to underline (Inf)
pabot to observe (Inf)
pabutlan tool, instrument
pabūt to stay for a while (Inf)
padas hames
padaubīs valley
padinga pleasure
padingausna pleasure, enjoyment
padōt to give (Inf)
padrūktint to confirm (Inf)
padrūtint to fortify (Inf)
padruvēsna wish, hope, belief
padvēst to perish (Inf)
pagabtis spit
pagadint to destroy (Inf)
pagalba help
pagalbenīkas saviour
pagalbt to assist, help (Inf)
pagan because of  (w/ Gen.)
pagatavint to prepare (Inf)
pagaut to receive, get (Inf)
pagerdaut to preach (Inf)
pagirt to praise, honor (Inf)
pagirsna praise
paglabot to caress (Inf)
pagonība heathenism
pagurnis saddlestrap (chest)
paigma freckle
paikas deceived, stupid
paikīt to deceive, slander (Inf)
paimōj shepherd
paisai paints
paisalas ink
paist to paint (Inf)
paistan pestle for grain (large wooden)
paiva meadow, flood plain
pakajas peace
pakaras shoemakers tool
pakasamda treaty
pakavingas peaceful, content
pakavingiskas calm, peaceful
pakentīsna patience
paklausīsna audial entertainment
paklausīt to listen, hear (Inf)
paklūsmas serving, dutiful
paklūsmingas obedient
pakust to protect (Inf)
pakvaitīsna desire, intention
pakvaitīt (Inf.) desire, want
pakvelpt to kneel (Inf)
palaide heirloom
palaikot to keep, hold (Inf)
palaikt to bestow (Inf)
palaipinsna order, instructions
palaipint to command (Inf)
palaipsas commandment
palaipsīt to covet (Inf)
palasalis trout (salmo trutta morpha fario)
palazinsna chapter
paleikt to remain (Inf)
paleit to pour (Inf.)
paleizīt to lick, kiss (Inf)
pal'as barren, bare, without cover
palīgas like, similar
palikt to remain (Inf)
palinkīt to wish (Inf)
palne bog
paltis fletch of an arrow
palt to fall, drop (Inf)
palvas pale yellow
palve heath
pamaitot to feed (Inf)
pamarkas accursed, bad (a "Yotvingianism", from O.N. "morkinn" decayed, rotten)
pamatis foot, sole of boot
pamēdīt to imitate (Inf)
pamest to be subject (Inf)
pametavingas subject to
paminīsna recollection
pamintlas monument, record
pamīrisna thought, idea
pamīrit to consider (Inf)
pamokinsna instruction
pamokint to be instructed (Inf)
Panadēle Monday
pangas mushroom, entheogen
panian fen, mossy-fen ( Latvian "pane", Lith " pania-", Skt. "pen-ka" )
panīka fire-little domestic
pansdaumasis last (the)
panta hobble, horselock
pantas crossbeam
panu fire ( < *pwon-u / Gothic "fōn" < *pwōn; ? Khanty "pəm" )
panuka griddle
panustaklan steel to make fire
panzdau thereafter (w/ Acc.)
papai breasts
papaikt to mislead (Inf)
paparte fern
papeisot to describe (Inf)
papekaut to protect (Inf)
papimpas saddleseat
paprast to feel, sense (Inf)
para vapor, steam
pardosa commerce, trade
pardōt to sell (Inf)
pardvigubosna despair, doubt
pareijingiskai in the future
pareit to come, arrive (Inf) 
pareitis future
parjota (he) comes, arrives
parpalis koopoe (upupa epops)
parsist'an piglet ( East Baltic Fatyanovo neuter "parša" )
pasalīs frost
pasaulis world
pasēdis session
pasegīvingas dutiful
pasegīvingiskas dutiful
paskas after, later
paskolīt to exhort (Inf)
paslitas bent, crooked
paspartint to strenghten (Inf)
pasta pasture, field
pastagis saddlestrap
pastaut to fast (Inf)
paste shawl
pastipas complete
pastaras next
pastonai may (he) become (opt.)
pastos you will be
pastot to become (Inf)
pastovas fabric, fine cloth
pasupres shelves
patalas pallet, place to sleep on floor
pataukinsna assurance, promise
pataukint to assure (Inf)
patikint to make (Inf)
patikt to please (Inf)
patinkt to like (Inf)
to produce, create (Inf)
patikot to conceive (Inf)
patina wife, elder woman
patiniska married-fem. (adj)
patis husband, familyhead
patni lady, wife
patovelis stepfather
pausan side, half
pausdilis a half-wit, dunce
wild, feral, "furry"
paustakaika native horse, tarpan (equus ferus ferus)
paustakata European wildcat (felis silvestris)
paute egg
pavaidint to instruct (Inf)
pavaisenis conscience
pavakīsna proclamation
pavakīt to proclaim (Inf)
pavargavingiskas miserable
pavargsenis misery
paveistis thing, object
paverpt to abandon (Inf)
pavirpas free, independent
pazartis poker, for baker
pazinosna recognition
pazinot to recognize (Inf)
pazvaigzdint to radiate (Inf)
pechure baker
pēda sheaf
pēdan plowshare
pedot to carry (Inf)
saw, file
peilis knife
peilīt to cut, file (Inf)
peilit'an file
peilōt to saw (Inf)
peismenis letter ( correspondence )
peisoj(a) (he) writes
peisole manuscript, document [ Lith. " piešalas ", Sanskrit " peśalas " ]
peisot to write, "decorate" (Inf)
Peitai South
peitaut to eat lunch (Inf)
peitinis southern
peitus mid-day meal
peitvējis Southwind
peku cattle, livestock  [ "residual" Centum word < assimilated Globular Amphora Substratum in
Sūduva ]
pēlanas ashpit, fireplace
pēlanai ashes
peldīt to gain, acquire (Inf)
pele hen-harrier (circus cyaneus)
pelēkis roofridge peak
pelēmaigīs kestrel (falco tinnunculus)
peles muscles
pelēshai mold, fungi
pelis dove, pigeon
pelīt to earn (Inf)
pelke marsh
pelkīs cloak, overcoat
pelnas gain, harvest, profit
pelva chaff [ Latv " pelavas ", Skt. pl. " palavās " ]
pempe lapwing (vanellus vanellus)
peningas coin (< see asmokas)
penkdesimt fifty
penkei / penkis five ( PIE *(s)pen- extend, Ru. " pjat', pnu " )
penktas fifth
penpala quail (coturnix coturnix)
pentas road, path, link to a destination ( Skt. panthās )
pentausna a journey
pentaut to travel
pentautojas traveler
pentis heel ( dial. pentē )
Pentnīkis Friday
per for (w/ Acc.)
per- too , much
per- instead of (prefix)
per- across, through (prep)
pera cluster, group ( Lithuanian "peras" brood-larvae-sprout cluster, Skt. "paru-" knot, joint, esp. w/ cane )
perarvai truly (adv)
perarviskai certainly, surely
perbandīt to try, tempt (Inf)
perbandosna test, temptation
perbandot to test, tempt (Inf)
perbilīt to deny (Inf)
perdis fart
pergas hewn log
pergimine nature, orientation
pergubot to come (Inf)
perklantīsna damnation, ruin
perklantīt to damn (Inf)
Perkūnas thunder-spirit, storm cloud [ PIE *per- to bear > cluster, w/ added GAC "alpine" velar, re: Lith. "kerkoti" ]
Perkūnija hill where Perkūnas is venerated [ assimilated GAS "residual" word < GAC proto "Fairguni" w/ velar ]
perkūnausna oath
perkūnaut to swear by oath (Inf)
perlankīt to belong to (Inf)
pērnai last year
perōne cluster, group [ PIE *per- to bear > cluster, Lith. " peruotas " brood cluster, Pashto " perūne " Pleiades cluster ]
perōniskas communal
perpēst to deliver (Inf)
per-rist to bind up, tie (Inf)
persa pit
perslūzīt to deserve (Inf)
perspīt to warn (Inf)
per-sta-langstan shutter for window

perstalēsna office, rank, title
perstalēt to oversee (Inf)
pert to strike, also to lash with a besom (in a sauna) (Inf)
pertenīt to neglect (Inf)
pertengint to send (Inf)
pertraukt to cover (Inf)
pertrenkt to clash, strike (Inf)
pervaidinsna example
pervakaut to call (Inf)
pervakt to despise (Inf)
pervējus winnowing area
perzurgaut to take care of (Inf)
pest to pluck (Inf)
pēst to bring (Inf)
petigīsla vein in shoulders
petis shoulder blade; peel
pezdīt to fart (Inf)
p'aulas rotten wood
p'ause pine (pinus silvestris) [ Waigali " puċ ", Lith. pl. " pušes " ]
p'ausingis area of many pines
p'ausorai a stand (group) of pines
p'austre wilderness
p'aut to saw (Inf)
pikis pitch
pīkle fieldfare (turdus pilaris)
piktas evil, bad
piktint to anger (Inf)
pikulas hell, devil
pīla chastisement

pilis castle, hill-fort (Click Here for Photo)
pilnas full
pilnatis full moon
pilnis plenty
pilnīt grow full
pilt to pour (Inf)
pimpas penis
pint to plait (Inf)
pipelīs bird; fife
pipka pipe for smoking
pira canal, moat
pirklīs merchant
pirkt to acquire, buy (Inf) [ ON " birk " buy ]
pirmais the first
pirmas first
pirminis primary
pirminiska priority
pirsīs chest of horse
pirstan finger
pirst to propose, match (Inf)
pirtele bird-house
pirtis bath-house, sauna
pirzdau before, in front of (with Dat. or Acc.)
pīsa deep swamp
pisevas horsefly
pist to copulate (Inf)
p'ūtlan sickle
p'ūt to reap, harvest (Inf)
p'ūvis cross-section
pīvas beer
pīvinīkas beergrain
īzda female pudenda
plainas steel
plaisa crevice
plakt thresh, pound
plasmena sole of foot
plaste sheet, sail
plastīt to pulsate, flutter (Inf)
platus wide, flat
plauksdine bedding
plautan flotsam, raft
plaut'a lungs
plēnis membrane, skin
plēske harness for plow
plēst to spread, extend (Inf)
plikas bald
plīne plain, steppe
plinksne flatcake
plinta brick
plonas floor
plōstas tussock
plotībe space
plotint to spread, widen (Inf)
plotus wide, space, extent
plut to float (Inf)
po under (see "pa") - (w/ Dat. or Acc. )
poberze mushroom
pōdamīnan milk
pōdas pot, container
pōdalis cup
podukra stepdaughter
pogar beside (w/ Acc.)
pojūtis sensation
pokarta threshold
pomotre stepmother
ponose upperlip area
ponsōt to pounce (Inf.)
porint to steam (Inf.)
poris mole cricket (gryllotalpa gryllotalpa)
posoles nape of the neck
post to provide (Inf)
pōst to trim (Inf.)
posūnus stepson
pōt drink (Inf.)
povas peacock (pavo cristatus)
pra / pro through, by (w/ Acc.)
prabilēt begin to speak (Inf)
prabūtiskai eternally
prabūtiskas eternal
praeivingiska transient
prakaisna perspiration
prakaist to sweat (Inf)
prakartas manger
praklantīt to damn, curse (Inf)
praleit to shed, pour out (Inf)
pramaldis intercession
prasan millet
prasīt to ask, request (Inf)
praust to splash (Inf)
praveringiska necessary
praverīsna necessity
praverīt to be necessary (Inf)
praverus to be in need
pravilt to betray (Inf)
prazengt to trespass(Inf) 
preartoja raker, for plow
predikausna sermon
predikeris preacher
prei at, to, before (w/ Dat. or Acc.)
preibilēsna promise,assurance
preidan fodder, supplement
prei-din to him
preieitlengvus gentle
preigerbtun to teach (Inf)
preigerdaut to promise (Inf)
preigimine kind; species
preikalis anvil
preilaikāt to teach (Inf)
preipirstas ring (also grandis)
preipēstun bring,deliver (Inf)
preipus away
preisikas enemy
preistalīvinga appropiate (neutr)
prei-stan at it
preistatint to present (Inf)
preivakīt call, summon (Inf)
preki against (prep) ( < * preti ) [ Sanskrit " práti " against ]
preskaras winter wren (troglodytes troglodytes)
presme meaning, purport
pret to understand (Inf)
pro / pra
through (prefix)
proglas kindling wood
pronepōtis great-grandson
pronepte great-grandaughter (declension like "dukte")
protas counsel, sense
Prūsa Prussian nation, Samland
prūsas (a) Prussian, Sembian
prūsiskai Prussian  (Click Here to hear Prussian)
prūsiskan Prussian
prusnas face
prūsokas cockroach (blattella germanica)
pukne pain
pulkas team, group
pult to fall (Inf)
puninan buttocks (Latin "fundus")
pūrai winter wheat, grain
purent to pulverize (Inf)
purst to swell (Inf)
pusibrote cousin (m.) (Click Here for info about my cousin )
pusinepōtis grandson of sibling
pusinepte granddaughter of sibling
pusis half
Pusisavaite Wednesday
pusisestra cousin (fem.)
Pūshkaitis spirit of fruition
pusne bootleg
pūst to blow (Inf)
put to rot (Inf)
radis clan
ragas horn (to blow)
ragasta horn
ragingis stag, hart (cervus elaphus)
raibas striped
raile shrew, bitch
raimas motley
raisas wrist
raiskus distinct
raist to bend, warp, bind (Inf)
raistas marsh
raitas loin
raizīt to carve, engrave (Inf)
raktas key
rakt to pick, dig (Inf)
ramus quiet
ramība quietude
ranka hand, also spoke, rung - see "kelaranka"
rankinis manual
rapas asp fish (aspius aspius)
rapena younger mare (horse)
rasa dew, moisture
rast to find (Inf)
ratai cart
ratinsis chain
rauda lamentation, dirge
raudainan rust colored
raugas pupil of eye
raudot to lament (Inf)
raugus ferment
raumenis gullet, esophagus
raupai disease, pox
rauzas rusty
raut to run quickly (Inf)
ravas creek, stream
ravīs ditch, pit mine
ravīt to dig up (Inf)
reda furrow
redas false
redevīdikausna false-witness
redevingai falsely
rediska false (neut.)
regīt to be visible (Inf)
rengt to steal, collect (Inf)
reidai gladly
reisas nut
rekenausna reckoning
reples tongs
rept to include, draft (Inf)
retivingiskas beneficial
rīgavingas quarrelsome
rikausna rule
rikautun to rule (Inf)
rike kingdom ( borrowed from trade w/ Gothic & Norse speakers )
rikējiskas magnificent
rikīs lord, master, "mister" ( Celtic term borrowed from trade w/ Gothic speakers )
riklas attic, garret
rikt to shout, cry out (Inf)
rimtis tranquillity
rinda manger, ( also line, row )
rindavingis lines, rows arranged orderly
rinkt to gather (Inf)
rīpt to follow (Inf)
rismenis hemp rope
rīste rod, birch
rist to tie (Inf)
rokas crayfish, crustacean (astacus astacus)
rokian drizzle
romestuve axe, battle-axe
romint to calm (Inf)
romūstas calm
rope turnip
rōzas streaked
rūdan ironred
rudene late autumn (after frosts)
rugīs rye
rugp'ūtis August
rugsējis September
rugtandadan buttermilk
rugt to grow sour, ferment (Inf)
rūkai clothes, foreign
rukīt to smoke (Inf)
rumbas waist hem, periphery
runai letters (characters)
runot to carve letters, to communicate (Inf)
rundīlas winesop
rupis heap
rusas horse of low worth
rusīt to flow slowly (Inf)
Russai  Varangians, Vikings [
Játvígr > gen. Játvįgs Róss-menn > "Játvings" Rus' ]
Russiskai  in the Varangian Old Norse language [
Greek "Ρωσιστί" ]
rust to become brown (Inf)
rutainan rust color
są- with (prefix)
Sabatīka Saturday
sądraugaveldnīkai coheirs
sagas nail, horseshoe-
saikas tub, container
sainas side
sait to tie (Inf)
saitan belt, strap, leash
saitoran pleiades constellation
saitra tent
spool, shinbone
saivustas rude, curt, rough
sąjunga bond
saka story, legend, tale
saka branch
sakal'ukas sliver, dry stick
sakas resin, sap
sakīt to tell, narrate (Inf)
saknis root
sakramentas sacrament
saksta log, treetrunk
sakstis bark of tree
sala sandbar, island
salavīs nightingale (luscinia megarhynchos)
saldūstas sweet
salis salt (* note relation to "sala")
sąl'ūba marriage
sąl'ūbavīras married man
sąl'ūbiska married (adj)
sąl'ūbiskai conjugally
sąl'ūbiskas matrimonial
sąl'ūbslaiskas wedding book
sąl'ūsna marriage ceremony
salmas helmit
salna light frost
salme straw
salpas creek, backwater
saltan bacon
salta cold
salt to freeze; to trickle; to become sweet (Inf)
saluze rivulet
salvan greenish gray
sąmakas lock
samas barbel (barbus barbus)
sampisinis wholegrain bread
samūstas flooding (adj.)
san with ( prefix )
san with ( prep. w/ Dat. or Acc.)
sandeiv good bye
sandēt to join (Inf)
sangeidaut to attain (Inf)
sangeidīt to attain (Inf)
san-ku how, with what
sanpaka peace, surely
sanraistis bound together
sanrenkt gather (Inf)
sanrīpt experience (Inf)
sanrist bind, connect (Inf)
sansēdis meeting
sanskrampausna wrinkle
sapalas Ide (leuciscus idus), or Dace [ Old Japanese " kwop(j)i " > " koi " ]
sapas stalk, oats
sapn'an dream, sleep
saras grain
sargas guard
sarke magpie (pica pica)
sarkstes scabbard
sarpīs spotted nutcracker (nucifraga caryocatactes)
sartainan light-red
sarvas weapons
īs hare (lepus europaeus)
sasnītinkla hare snare
satrus agile
saujas left-hand
saule sun
saulute sunflower
Saurai N.E.
sausai dry (adv)
sausas dry
sausint to dry (Inf)
sausis dryness, January
sausmetan drought
sautas lazy
sąvaite week
sąveika interaction
sebe of one's own (Genitive)
sebei to/for one's own (Dative)
sēbra company
sedas dogwood
sedokas quiver
segas button
segēsna action, activity
segēt to do (Inf)
segt to button, fasten (Inf)
seile feeling
seilevingis sensitive
seiliska devoutness
seija shadow
seima family/household
seimīnas household worker
seina hay
seira sulfur
seitan sieve for cooking
seiva wife, household [ Sanskrit " Shiva " ]
seive elder tree
seiviska woman
seja sister
sekme result
sekt to follow, track (Inf)
selīt to creep up on (Inf)
selpt to help (Inf)
sēmas ashen color, gray
sēmen seed
sēmena eurasian curlew (numenius arquata)
semt to pour, scoop, draw water (Inf)
sen one's own (acc.)
senas ancient
senasis takas the ancient way
sēne mushroom
senke mussel
sēnut to pick mushrooms (Inf)
septindesimt seventy
septinei / septinis seven
septmas seventh
sēr heart ( Nom. archaic root noun w/o " d " )
sēras heart ( Nom. innovation from archaic root noun "sēr" )
sēraspeismenes loveletters
sergt to be ill (Inf)
sergīt to guard, tend (Inf)
sēriskai sincerely
-sēriskai jūsas, -sincerely yours',
sēriskas sincere
serīs animal hair
sermenīs meal ( at funeral )
sērmas current
sert to feed, look after (people) (Inf)
sese sister
sēse blackbird (turdus merula)
sesōlis shade, shadow
sēstun to sit (Inf)
sēt to sow, sift, strew (Inf)
shai here (adv) (dialect "shei")
shai these
shandeinan today
shan here, this
shaut to shoot (Inf)
shen here
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" vūras "
Virdainas - U.S.A. Copyright 1994 - All Rights Reserved
A Restored Lexicon of our Sūdovian & Yatving Indigenous Language
For Use By Sūdovians & Yatvings, and their descendants.