Sūdovian has the same four nominal accent classes as does Lithuanian, but it has retained the original accentual state of Baltic ( an acute rising accent and a circumflex falling accent). The first class is the acute barytone paradigm. The second is the circumflex barytone paradigm. Thirdly, the acute mobile paradigm. Lastly, the circumflex mobile paradigm. The Lithuanian - Sūdovian Zietela dialect reflects this most clearly.


Sūdovian is pronounced much like Lithuanian or Latvian. The "j" is pronounced like English "y", as in "you". Long "ō" is just that. The "ai" is often pronounced like "ei", as in the Lithuanian dialects of Sūduva (Suvalkija*). In rapid speech, the optional shortening of the nom. endings [-as], and [-is], may occur > [ -s ]. The old vowel [ā-] had aged to an [o-], as in the Lithuanian - Sūdovian Zietela dialect.

Words beginning with the labial vowels [o-] or [u-] have the West Baltic prothetic [v-] that continues to this day in and around the dialect of Vilkaviškis, and other places in Sūduva.

Examples - * "mātē" > "mote" in Sūduva dialect area, std. "urvas" > "vurvas" in Vilkaviškis and Sūduva.

Word initial  [v-] in some words is weakened. Example -  vōkapirmas "Creator". A parallel weakening is known in Sorbian. Some may say the  prothetic [v-] is "neutralized".



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Sudovian woodcut

 The Republic of Lithuania ruled in 2005
that SŪDUVA is only an ethnic/cultural term.
* The foreign term Suvalkija was officially reimposed on Sūduva.
~ Sūduva was not allowed to vote! ~


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