Vytautas J. Mažiulis

Vytautas Mažiulis
( 1926 - 2009 )

Vytautas J. Mažiulis was born in Rokėnai village,

Zarasai district (of Lithuania), on August 20, 1926.

A highly-reputed linguist, who had devoted himself

to the study of the Baltic languages, Dr. Vytautas

Mažiulis held the post of Professor at the Baltic

Languages Department of Vilnius University and was

full member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.

His enormous contribution to Baltic Philology earned

him the Lithuanian State prize. He studied Classic

Philology and the Baltic languages at Vilnius University

and the Indo-European languages at Moscow

University. He graduated from Vilnius University in

1952, where he began to work full-time three years

later, and continued to do so to his last days.

From 1968 to 1973, he chaired the Dept. of

Lithuanian Language Studies, while during the period

ranging from 1973 to 1989 he was appointed head

of the Baltic Philology Department. The founder of the

Prussian and the West Baltic Linguistic School in

Lithuania, Vytautas Mažiulis was the author of the

following monograghs: "Relations between the

Baltic and other Indo-European Languages

(Declination)" (1979), "Languages of the World"

(1958), "On the Diachronic Morphology of the

Slavonic and Baltic Languages" (in collaboration

with V. Zhuraviev, 1978, in Russian), "Languages

of the Nations of the World" (1979). He had written

180 papers and was the compiler of the publication

"Monuments of the Prussian Language" (1966-1981,

Part Two). His most fundamental work was the four-

volume "Etymological Dictionary of Old Prussian",

published by the Vilnius "Mokslas" editors of Lithuania,

& now available to read on the internet.

From 1970, he was the executive editor of a journal

on linguistics - "Baltistica" - and a member of the

editorial board of the philological journal "Acta

Baltistica-Slavica" (published in Poland).

Vytautas Mažiulis was also correspondent member

of both the Mainz Academy of Sciences and

Literature (Germany) and the Milanese

Linguistics Society (Italy), as well as

Chairman of an International Commission

on Baltic-Slavonic Relations.

The eminent Scholar Vytautas Juozapas Mažiulis

passed away on April 11th, 2009.

The World's loss is immeasurable.

He will be missed!


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