Vilkaviškis, Lietuva  

The Sūdovian Continuum

Sūdovian has much in common with Lithuanian.
Words beginning with the labial vowels [o] or [u]
have the obligatory West Baltic prothetic [v-]
that continues intact today in the dialects in and around Vilkaviškis.
Examples - Std. Lith. "urvas" > "vurvas" in Vilkaviškis, and Sūduva.

Word initial  [v-] in some words is weakened. Example -  vōkapirmas "Creator".
A parallel weakening is known in Sorbian.
( J. Pashka, - Virdainas, 1994 )

* Note - The word initial prothetic [ v- ] in the Kretinga dialect
before the labial vowels [o] or [u] is a Curonian continuum.
( J. Pashka, Virdainas, 1994)



Note - The Great-Grandfather
of the late
Leonard Cohen
came from Wylkowyski ( Vilkaviškis )

"My great-grandfather came from Wylkowyski" - The Late, Great Leonard Cohen

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old picture of Vilkaviškis
A view of Wylkowyski with the Old Synagogue
( in the background )

According to tradition, Jews were living in this area in the 14th century,
and a synagogue was built at the beginning of the 16th.
The town was an enormous trade center.


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