Virdainas is a dictionary of the Sūdovian / Yatvingian language
 of our forefathers, restored from authentic historical & regional sources
- as part of our native cultural inheritance. It is, our language..

Woodcut of a Sūdovian " Vorskaitas "

The historically authentic Sūdovian greeting "Kails" re-affirms that we are all One,
with each other, and with the Earth we share.



 яцьвяжская мова

The Sūdovians were also known
by the names - Jaćwingowie, Яцьвягі,
or earlier
Σουδινοί (Ptolemy - * 2nd Century A.D.).

For those who can't see the forest for the trees,
Sūduva is full of the descendants of the Sūdovians.
It's in their eyes, genes, and their
vunique dialects & customs.

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~ to Magda & little Johnny ~


"Suum Cuique"


For use by
Sūduviai, Jotvingiai,
 Яцвягi, Jaćwingowie,
& their descendants.

as an officially acknowledged
Indigenous Cultural Right.
( re: U.N. Articles 13 & 16 )


* Ptolemy's Σουδινοί is probably a manuscript copy typo for Σουδιυοί




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