A Five Thousand Year Old Sūdovian Tradition

The traditional time Sūdovians ( Σουδινοί ) harvested the hemp crop
- for fiber, seed, and medicine, as did their Yotvingian brethren.

Jotvings kanapinīks

" ου το εισερχομενον εις το στομα κοινοι τον ανθρωπον αλλα το
εκπορευομενον εκ του στοματος τουτο κοινοι τον ανθρωπον "


In 1484 Pope Innocent VIII issued a papal bull called "Summis desiderantes", which specifically condemned the use of cannabis as "Satanic"
- all due to a severe climate cooling known as the "Little Ice Age" (LIA) that caused widespread cataclysmic crop failures & famines
- which had been blamed on European "Pagans" and their practices.

Fast forward to the twentieth century, add some legislated Jim Crow USA racism,
and DuPont's greedy influence about the newly patented "Nylon" fiber
- and you end up with today's prohibition. Fear & Greed.

It was also illegal for Michelangelo to own a Bible,
or for Women to vote in the past.


Recent archaeological finds of Triticum and Cannabis pollen circa 5600 BCE
from the Akali Neolithic Narva-Kunda settlement in East Estonia
( A. Poska, L. Saarse et al., 2006 )
places native Cannabis cultivation in the Baltic region
much further back into antiquity
than even the Corded or Pitted Ware eras.


Legal Disclaimer - The above text in no way suggests anyone should use illegal drugs.

The criminalization of cannabis started with American Racist Jim Crow laws
passed to pacify wealthy American Eugenic Racists who exported their philosophy to their Nazi cousins.
The mainly WASP American Government endorsed & supported medical eugenic atrocities within our lifetime,
while strictly enforcing their racist laws with violence and guns.
Words to the Wise - Guns trump Life.

"Welcome to the Planet of the Apes". - Jotvings


With current 2017 updated CO2 levels of 405.6 parts per million & rising,
the prohibition against Hemp has at most a decade left.
Human Extinction by 2030 appears inevitable.